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How did I become a webcam model? I will briefly explain how I became a webcam model. I was surfing the internet on a Monday afternoon to find out how I could make extra money. Since I was home without a job. then I came across the website chateau models. after looking around on the website. It seemed to me something.

I signed up on the website of after registration I was able to get started immediately as a webcam model on the website I waited a while before going online until nightfall. I started webcamming around 8 a.m. I was a bit nervous because was my first time as a webcam model.

When I went online as a webcam model I soon discovered that there were many viewers. once I started chatting with the viewers. I slowly started to get confidence in webcamming. I also soon noticed that I got more and more tokens from the viewers after I met them more and more. When it was 12 o’clock I stopped webcamming.

after I stopped camming as a model, I slowly went to bed. once i was in bed i was just thinking about webcamming. anyway quickly made money with just a little chat. then I wondered how sad it would be if you went a little farther naked. they would then send more tokens. the next day I woke up quietly and nicely and started eating my breakfast. after i had finished my breakfast i thought i would go camming again or would webcam tonight. after having looked a bit on Facebook and bit on the internet, I felt like webcaming again. so less than 15 minutes later I was back online. I was amazed how many viewers were online anyway. after talking to the viewers again, they slowly started sending tokens again. At one point, viewer came into the webcam show who asked if I wanted to be naked. then I became nervous for a moment, but thought if now I get to see more, I get more tokens. so I slowly showed me breasts in the webcam show. then it all went well the viewers asked more and more and also sent more tokens.

more and more viewers were also added. now I started to make money fast and I was increasingly looking forward to it. for example, I stayed behind the webcam for 8 hours that day and I had already earned half a week. The next day I went online around 4 in the afternoon. and the viewers soon came back. there were also regular viewers in the webcam show who kept coming back. at the end of the day, another nice penny had been earned. it went on for a few days until I got so many viewers that I started earning a lot of money. and I started giving private shows and groups webcam shows. it built up well for a few weeks and I had a very decent salary. Now I am half a year further and in the meantime I have become the top model of chateau models. I now work 14 hours a week myself and have a very generous but also large salary.

I now give top webcam shows but also top privated shows. I am very satisfied with chateau models and I also recommend everyone to register with chateau models as a webcam model. I myself started from scratch with zero experience in it. and yet I have reached the top with chateau models.

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